1st Virtual SECEC Congress

Presentation Recording Guidelines

Once at E-Congress, the screens will guide you to start your recording, indicating the type of camera, screen you want to use, etc.

Below you will find the image that appears when you start your recording.

Remember that you have a maximum time for your presentation: THE RECORDING WILL AUTOMATICALLY STOP WHEN THE SET TIME FOR YOUR PRESENTATION HAS ELAPSED. The application will show you a time bar but it is always recommended that you use the devices that suit you best so that your presentation sticks to the allotted time.

A: countdown. You will have 10 seconds before you start recording.

B: webcam image. You can drag it with the mouse wherever you want, it is not a still image so you can place it wherever suits you best.

C: time bar. Your lecture has a specific presentation time that you must respect. The bar shows the remaining time and in the last minute the bar turns yellow as a warning.

D: STOP button. This is the button that you must press when the recording is finished. Once the recording is finished, you will access a menu where you can view what you have recorded, you can record again, or upload the presentation to the Congress platform.