1st Virtual SECEC Congress


ICL 1: Proximal ulna fractures:  current concepts

Chair: Roger Van Riet (Belgium)

Alexander Van Tongel (BE)
Biomechanics, classification and approaches to the coronoid and proximal ulna

Adam Watts (UK)
Fixation of simple olecranon fractures

Christian Spross (CH)
Monteggia fractures

Lars Peter Müller (DE)
Terrible Triad fracture dislocation

Ali Noorani (UK)
Fixation of Proximal ulna fractures

ICL 2: Anatomical Shoulder Arthroplasty: Current Indications, Techniques and Results

Chair: Olivier Verborgt  (Belgium)

Olivier Verborgt (BE)
Planning of an anatomical shoulder replacement and decision-making TSA versus RSA

Markus Scheibel (DE)
The humeral component : What is the best choice in 2020?

Alessandro Castagna (IT)
The glenoid component: What is the best choice in 2020 ?

Christian Gerber (CH)
Revision of TSA made easier - Tips and pitfalls and the use of convertible systems

Tjarco Alta (NL)
Functional Outcomes and Complications after Anatomical Shoulder Arthroplasty : what to expect ?

ICL 3: Coronoid fractures: from understanding to treatment.

Chair: Enrico Bellato (Italy)

Enrico Bellato (IT)
How biomechanics and classification can help in clinical practice?

Antonio Foruria (SP)
Conservative treatment of coronoid fractures

Stefan Greiner (DE)
Tips and tricks for ORIF of tip and anteromedial coronoid fractures

Davide Blonna (IT)
Arthroscopic treatment of coronoid fractures and associated lesions: indications, surgical technique and results

Shawn O'Driscoll (USA)
Basal coronoid fractures

Joaquin Sanchez Sotelo (USA)
What to do when something went wrong: persistent elbow instability

ICL 4: How to avoid complications in reverse shoulder arthroplasty?

Chair: Patric Raiss (Germany)

Filippo Castoldi (IT)
What are the complications in RSA in 2020?

Patrick Denard (USA)
How to avoid acromial stress fractures?

Patric Raiss (DE)
How to avoid scapular notching?

Eric Richetti (USA)
How to avoid infection after RSA?

Philippe Collin (FR)
How to avoid instability in RSA?

ICL 5 - Evaluation and management of severe glenoid bone loss in revision cases of shoulder arthroplasty.

Chair: Giuseppe Porcellini (Italy) / Ralph Hertel (Switzerland)

Ludwig Seebauer (DE)
The classification of glenoid defects: what's new?

Lionel Neyton (FR)
Accuracy of new technologies in preoperative planning

Samuel Antuna (SP)
The use of intraoperative navigation to increase stability of the glenoid baseplate

Giovanni Merolla (IT)
Postoperative evaluation of the implant positioning

ICL 6: Management of AC joint Injuries – AC Joint Anatomy and Biomechanics in 2020

Chair: Andreas Imhoff (Germany)

Klaus Bak (DK)
AC joint anatomy and biomechanics in 2020 – new info to help in treatment

Knut Beitzel (DE)
The scapula and shoulder girdle – How it impacts operative and nonoperative treatment

Andreas Imhoff (DE)
Operative fixation, biomechanics, and outcomes. What this has evolved to in 2020?

Mehmet Demirhan (TK)
Complications of operative and nonoperative treatment of AC-injuries in 2020. how this influence decision making?

Emilio Calvo (SP)
Case based discussion

ICL 7: Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures in 2020– difficult decisions in the face of evidence.

Chair: Ulrich Brunner (Germany)

Amar Rangan (UK)
What can we learn from randomized studies for the daily practice?

Stefano Gumina (IT)
Can an individualized treatment concept improve the results?

Maciej Kicinski (PL)
The reconstructive perspective – which implant when and why?

Ulrich Brunner (DE)
Does Augmentation extend indications for ORIF?

Luc Favard (FR)
RTSA – is there still an age cut off and room for hemiarthroplasty?

ICL 8: Anterior Shoulder Instability

Chair: Juha Paloneva (Finland)

Przemo Lubiatowski (PL)
First time dislocators: management guidelines

Ville Aarimaa (FIN)
Arthroscopic Bankart vs. open Latarjet as primary operative treatment of traumatic instability in young male patients- a randomized controlled trial

Karl Wieser (CH)
Long term results after Bankart and Latarjet procedure

Marvin Minkus (DE)
Traumatic anterior shoulder instability and glenoid bone loss: Latarjet procedure or iliac crest bone graft transfer?

Nicolas Bonnevialle (FR)
How and when to address the humeral bony lesions?